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January 9, 1864

January 9, 1864

---Battle of Loudon Heights: Above Harper’s Ferry, Maj. John Mosby and 100 of his troopers attack Col. Cole and his Maryland battalion of Union home guard.  The attack surprises the Yankees, but they recover quickly and lay down a heavy fire, even though many of the Federals are shooting at each other in the dark and confusion.  Before Mosby can rally his men, he loses 8 men killed, 3 wounded, and one captured before getting away from the situation.  Among the dead were Captain Smith and Lieut. Turner, two of his most trusted officers. 

---John Beauchamp Jones, of Richmond, writes in his journal of troubles in the army in East Tennessee, and of scarce groceries in the capital:

JANUARY 9TH.—Cold and clear. Gen. Longstreet has preferred charges against Major-Gen. McLaws and another general of his command, and also asks to be relieved, unless he has an independent command, as Gen. Johnston’s headquarters are too far off, etc. The Secretary is willing to relieve him, but the President intimates that a successor ought to be designated first.

            Beef was held at $2.50 per pound in market to-day—and I got none; but I bought 25 pounds of rice at 40 cts., which, with the meal and potatoes, will keep us alive a month at least. The rich rogues and rascals, however, in the city, are living sumptuously, and spending Confederate States notes as if they supposed they would soon be valueless.

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