Thursday, January 16, 2014

December 23, 1863

December 23, 1863

---Alexander Downing, of the 11th Iowa Infantry Regiment, records the soldier’s frustration with the lack of foraging in the picked-over farm area around Vicksburg, in winter:

Wednesday. 23d—The weather continues quite pleasant. There is no news. All is quiet here. There has been no foraging for two months now, for the reason that there is nothing left to forage. I often wonder what the farmers in this section live on; whatever they have certainly cannot be in abundance. The citizens of Vicksburg are a little more fortunate; that is, if they have the greenbacks, for since July 4th, last. Confederate scrip is no longer legal tender. Some people still have a little gold and silver, which comes from its hiding place when their larders run low.

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