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September 18, 1863

Battle of Chickamauga, Order of Battle (Confederate)

Although he is able to deploy over 65,000 men for the battle (thanks to reinforcements from Joe Johnston in Mississippi and two divisions from Lee under Longstreet), Gen. Bragg does not have all of them present on the first day of battle.  But, altogether, he is able to field 5 Corps of infantry, made up of 10 infantry divisions (30 infantry brigades, and 8 artillery battlions)---and 2 Corps of cavalry, a total of 4 divisions (8 cavalry brigades).

Army of Tennessee (September 19, 1863)
Gen Braxton Bragg, Commanding

Escort: Capt Guy Dreux
    Dreux's Company, Louisiana Cavalry: Lt O. De Buis
    Holloway's Company, Alabama Cavalry: Capt E. M. Holloway

Polk's Corps
Lt Gen Leonidas Polk

    Greenleaf's Company, Louisiana Cavalry: Capt Leeds Greenleaf (Corps headquarter)
    Company G, 2nd Georgia Cavalry: Capt Thomas M. Merritt (Cheatham's Division)
    Lenoir's Company, Alabama Cavalry: Capt T.M. Lenoir (Hindman's Division)

Cheatham's Division
     Maj Gen Benjamin F. Cheatham
            Jackson's Brigade
            Brig Gen John K. Jackson       
    1st Georgia (Confederate), 2nd Battalion: Maj James Clarke Gordon
    5th Georgia: Col Charles P. Daniel
    2nd Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters: Maj Richard H. Whiteley
    5th Mississippi: Lt Col W. L. Sykes, Maj John B. Herring
    8th Mississippi: Col John C. Wilkinson

Smith's Brigade
            Brig Gen Preston Smith (k)
            Col Alfred J. Vaughan, Jr.       
    11th Tennessee: Col George W. Gordon
    12th-47th Tennessee Col William M. Watkins
    13th-154th Tennessee: Col A. J. Vaughan, Lt Col R.W. Pitman
    29th Tennessee: Col Horace Rice
    Dawson's Battalion Sharpshooters: Maj J.W. Dawson, Maj William Green, Maj James Purl

Maney's Brigade
            Brig Gen George Maney
    1st-27th Tennessee: Col Hume R. Feild
    4th Tennessee (Provisional Army): Col James A. McMurry, Lt Col Robert N. Lewis
    6th-9th Tennessee: Col George C. Porter
    24th Tennessee Battalion Sharpshooters: Maj Frank Maney

Wright's Brigade
            Brig Gen Marcus J. Wright
    8th Tennessee: Col John H. Anderson
    16th Tennessee: Col D. M. Donnell
    28th Tennessee: Col Sidney S. Stanton
    38th Tennessee: Col John C. Carter
    51st-52nd Tennessee: Lt Col John G. Hall
    22nd Tennessee Battalion: Maj Thomas B. Murray

Strahl's Brigade
            Brig Gen Otho F. Strahl
    4th-5th Tennessee: Col Jonathan J. Lamb
    19th Tennessee: Col Francis Marion Walker
    24th Tennessee: Col John A. Wilson
    31st Tennessee: Col Egbert E. Tansil
    33rd Tennessee: Col Warner P. Jones                                                                                              

            Maj Melancthon Smith
    Carnes' (Tennessee) Battery: Capt William W. Carnes
    Scogin's (Georgia) Battery: Capt John Scogin
    Scott's (Tennessee) Battery: Lt John H. Marsh, Lt A. T. Watson, Capt William L. Scott
    Smith's (Mississippi) Battery: Lt William B. Turner
    Stanford's (Mississippi) Battery: Capt Thomas J. Stanford

Hindman's Division
     Brig Gen Patton Anderson
     Maj Gen Thomas C. Hindman
            Anderson's Brigade
            Col Jacob H. Sharp
            Brig Gen Patton Anderson     
    7th Mississippi: Col W. H. Bishop
    9th Mississippi: Maj T. H. Lynam
    10th Mississippi: Lt Col James Barr
    41st Mississippi: Col. W. F. Tucker
    44th Mississippi: Col J. H. Sharp, Lt Col R. G. Kelsey
    9th Mississippi Battalion Sharpshooters: Maj W. C. Richards
    Garrity's (Alabama) Battery: Capt James Garrity

Deas' Brigade
            Brig Gen Zach C. Deas           
    19th Alabama: Col Samuel K. McSpadden
    22nd Alabama: Lt Col John Weedon, Capt Harry T. Toulmin
    25th Alabama: Col George D. Johnston
    39th Alabama: Col Whitfield Clark
    50th Alabama: Col John G. Coltart
    17th Alabama Battalion Sharpshooters: Capt James F. Nabers
    Dent's (Alabama) Battery: Capt S. H. Dent

Manigault's Brigade
            Brig Gen Arthur M. Manigault
    24th Alabama: Col N. N. Davis
    28th Alabama: Col John C. Reid
    34th Alabama: Maj John N. Slaughter
    10th-19th South Carolina: Col James F. Pressley
    Waters' (Alabama) Battery: Lt Charles W. Watkins

Hill's Corps
Lt. Gen. Daniel H. Hill

Cleburne's Division
     Maj Gen Patrick Cleburne
            Wood's Brigade
            Brig Gen Sterling A. M. Wood
    16th Alabama: Maj John H. McGaughy, Capt Frederick A. Ashford
    33rd Alabama: Col Samuel Adams
    45th Alabama: Col E. B. Breedlove
    18th Alabama Battalion: Maj John H. Gibson (attached to 33rd Alabama)
    32nd-45th Mississippi: Col Mark P. Lowrey
    15th Mississippi Battalion Sharpshooters: Maj A. T. Hawkins, Capt Daniel Coleman

Polk's Brigade
            Brig Gen Lucius E. Polk
    1st Arkansas: Col John W. Colquitt
    3rd-5th Confederate: Col J. A. Smith
    2nd Tennessee: Col William D. Robison
    35th Tennessee: Col Benjamin J. Hill
    48th Tennessee: Col George H. Nixon

Deshler's Brigade
            Brig Gen James Deshler
    19th-24th Arkansas: Lt Col A. S. Hutchison
    6th-10th Texas-15th Texas Cavalry (dismounted): Col Roger Q. Mills, Lt Col T. Scott Anderson
    17th-18th-24th-25th Texas Cavalry (dismounted): Col F. C. Wilkes, Lt Col John T. Coit,

            Maj Thomas R. Hotchkiss (w)
            Capt Henry C. Semple
    Calvert's (Arkansas) Battery: Lt Thomas J. Key
    Douglas' (Texas) Battery: Capt James P. Douglas
    Semple's (Alabama) Battery: Capt Henry C. Semple, Lt R. W. Goldthwaite

Breckinridge's Division
     Maj Gen John C. Breckinridge
Helm's Brigade
            Brig Gen Benjamin Helm
    41st Alabama: Col Martin L. Stansel
    2nd Kentucky: Lt Col James W. Hewitt, Lt Col James W. Moss
    4th Kentucky: Col Joseph P. Nuckols, Maj Thomas W. Thompson
    6th Kentucky: Col Joseph H. Lewis, Lt Col Martin H. Cofer
    9th Kentucky: Col John W. Caldwell, Lt Col John C. Wickliffe

Adams' Brigade
            Brig Gen Daniel W. Adams
    32nd Alabama: Maj John C. Kimbell, Col Randall L. Gibson
    13th-20th Louisiana: Col Leon von Zinken, Capt E. M. Dubroca
    16th-25th Louisiana: Col Daniel Gober
    19th Louisiana: Lt Col Richard W. Turner, Maj Loudon Butler, Capt H. A. Kennedy
    14th Louisiana Battalion: Maj J. E. Austin

Stovall's Brigade
            Brig Gen Marcellus A. Stovall
    1st-3rd Florida: Col William S. Dilworth
    4th Florida: Col W. L. L. Bowen
    47th Georgia: Capt William S. Phillips, Capt Joseph S. Cone
    60th North Carolina: Lt Col James M. Ray, Capt James Thomas Weaver

            Maj Rice E. Graves
    Cobb's (Kentucky) Battery: Capt Robert Cobb
    Graves' (Kentucky) Battery: Lt S. M. Spencer
    Mebane's (Tennessee) Battery: Capt John W. Mebane
    Slocomb's (Louisiana) Battery: Capt C. H. Slocomb

Buckner's Corps
Maj Gen Simon Bolivar Buckner, Sr.

Stewart's Division
     Maj Gen Alexander P. Stewart

            Bate's Brigade
            Brig Gen William B. Bate
    58th Alabama: Col Bushrod Jones
    37th Georgia: Col A. F. Rudler, Lt Col Joseph T. Smith
    4th Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters: Maj T. D. Caswell, Capt B. M. Turner, Lt Joel Towers
    15th-37th Tennessee: Col R. C. Tyler, Lt Col R. Dudley Frayser, Capt R. M. Tankesley
    20th Tennessee: Col Thomas B. Smith, Maj W. M. Shy

Brown's Brigade
            Brig Gen John C. Brown
    18th Tennessee: Col Joseph B. Palmer (w), Lt Col William R. Butler, Capt Gideon H. Lowe
    26th Tennessee: Col John M. Lillard, Maj Richard M. Saffell
    32nd Tennessee: Col Edmund C. Cook, Capt Calaway G. Tucker
    45th Tennessee: Col Anderson Searcy
    23rd Tennessee Battalion: Maj Tazewell W. Newman, Capt W. P. Simpson

Clayton's Brigade
            Brig Gen Henry De Lamar Clayton, Sr.
    18th Alabama: Col James T. Holtzclaw, Lt Col R. F. Inge, Maj P. F. Hunley
    36th Alabama: Col Lewis T. Woodruff
    38th Alabama: Lt Col A. R. Lankford

            Maj John W. Eldridge
    1st Arkansas Battery: Capt John T. Humphreys
    T. H. Dawson's (Georgia) Battery: Lt R. W. Anderson
    Eufaula Artillery (Alabama Battery): Capt McDonald Oliver

Preston's Division
     Brig Gen William Preston

            Gracie's Brigade
            Brig Gen Archibald Gracie, Jr.
    43rd Alabama: Col Young M. Moody
    1st Battalion, Hilliard's Alabama Legion: Lt Col John H. Holt, Capt George W. Huguley
    2nd Battalion, Hilliard's Alabama Legion: Lt Col Bolling Hall, Jr., Capt W. D. Walden
    3rd Battalion, Hilliard's Alabama Legion: Lt Col John W. A. Sanford
    4th Battalion, Hilliard's Alabama Legion: Maj John D. McLennan
    63rd Tennessee: Lt Col Abraham Fulkerson, Maj John A. Aiken

3rd Brigade
             Col John H. Kelly
    65th Georgia: Col R. H. Moore
    5th Kentucky: Col Hiram Hawkins
    58th North Carolina: Col John B. Palmer
    63rd Virginia: Maj James M. French

Trigg's Brigade
            Col Robert C. Trigg
    1st Florida Cavalry (dismounted): Col G. Troup Maxwell
    6th Florida: Col J. J. Finley
    7th Florida: Col Robert Bullock
    54th Virginia: Lt Col John J. Wade

9th Georgia Artillery Battalion
            Maj William A. Leyden
    Company C: Capt Andrew M. Wolihin
    Company D: Capt Tyler M. Peeples
    Jeffress' (Virginia) Battery: Capt William C. Jeffress

Corps Reserve Artillery
            Maj Samuel C. Williams
    Kolb's (Alabama) Battery: Capt R. F. Kolb
    McCants' (Florida) Battery: Capt Robert P. McCants
    Darden's (Mississippi) Battery: Capt Putnam Darden
    Baxter's (Tennessee) Battery: Capt Edmund D. Baxter

Reserve Corps
Maj Gen William H. T. Walker

Walker's Division
     Maj Gen William H. T. Walker

            Ector's Brigade
            Brig Gen Matthew D. Ector
    Stone's (Alabama) Battalion Sharpshooters: Maj T. O. Stone
    Pound's (Mississippi) Battalion Sharpshooters: Capt M. Pound
    29th North Carolina: Col William B. Creasman
    9th Texas: Col William Hugh Young
    10th Texas Cavalry (dismounted): Lt Col C. R. Earp
    14th Texas Cavalry (dismounted): Col J. L. Camp
    32nd Texas Cavalry (dismounted): Col Julius A. Andrews

Wilson's Brigade
            Col Claudius C. Wilson
    25th Georgia: Lt Col A. J. Williams
    29th Georgia: Lt Col George R. McRae
    30th Georgia: Lt Col James S. Bonton
    1st Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters: Maj Arthur Shaaff
    4th Louisiana Battalion: Lt Col John McEnery

    Howell's (Georgia) Battery: Capt Evan Howell

Liddell's Division
     Brig Gen St. John R. Liddell

            Liddell's Brigade
Col Daniel C. Govan
    2nd-15th Arkansas: Lt Col Reuben F. Harvey, Capt A. T. Meek
    5th-13th Arkansas: Col L. Featherston, Lt Col John E. Murray
    6th-7th Arkansas: Col D. A. Gillespie, Lt Col Peter Snyder
    8th Arkansas: Lt Col George F. Baucum, Maj A. Watkins
    1st Louisiana (Regulars) (attached to 8th Arkansas)

Walthall's Brigade
            Brig Gen Edward C. Walthall
    24th Mississippi: Lt Col R. P. McKelvaine, Maj W. C. Staples,
    27th Mississippi: Col James A. Campbell
    29th Mississippi: Col William F. Brantley
    30th Mississippi: Col Junius I. Scales, Lt Col Hugh A. Reynolds, Maj James M. Johnson
    34th Mississippi: Maj William G. Pegram (w), Capt H. J. Bowen

            Capt Charles Swett
    Fowler's (Alabama) Battery: Capt William H. Fowler
    Warren Light Artillery (Mississippi Battery): Lt H. Shannon

Longstreet's Corps
Maj Gen John B. Hood

Johnson's Provisional Division
            Brig Gen Bushrod R. Johnson

            Johnson's Brigade
            Col John S. Fulton
    17th Tennessee: Lt Col Watt W. Floyd
    23rd Tennessee: Col R. H. Keeble
    25th Tennessee: Lt Col R. B. Snowden
    44th Tennessee: Lt Col John L. McEwen, Jr., Maj G. M. Crawford
    Company E, 9th Georgia Artillery Battalion: Lt William S. Everett

Gregg's Brigade
            Brig Gen John Gregg
    3rd Tennessee: Col Calvin H. Walker
    10th Tennessee: Col William Grace
    30th Tennessee: Lt Col James J. Turner, Capt Charles S. Douglass
    41st Tennessee: Lt Col James D. Tillman
    50th Tennessee: Col Cyrus A. Sugg, Lt Col Thomas W. Beaumont,
    1st Tennessee Battalion: Maj Stephen H. Colms, Maj Christopher W. Robertson
    7th Texas: Col H. B. Granbury, Maj K. M. Vanzandt
    Bledsoe's (Missouri) Battery: Lt R. L. Wood

McNair's Brigade
            Brig Gen Evander McNair

    1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles(dismounted): Col Robert W. Harper
    2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles (dismounted): Col James A. Williamson
    25th Arkansas: Lt Col Eli Hufstedler
    4th-31st-4th Arkansas Batttalion (Consolidated): Maj J. A. Ross
    39th North Carolina: Col David Coleman
    Culpeper's (South Carolina) Battery: Capt James F. Culpeper

Hood's Division
     Brig Gen Evander M. Law

            Robertson's Brigade
            Brig Gen Jerome B. Robertson
    3rd Arkansas: Col Van H. Manning
    1st Texas: Capt R. J. Harding
    4th Texas: Lt Col John P. Bane, Capt R. H. Bassett
    5th Texas: Maj J. C. Rogers, Capt J. S. Cleveland, Capt T. T. Clay

Law's Brigade
            Col James Sheffield
    4th Alabama: Col Pinckney D. Bowles
    15th Alabama: Col William C. Oates
    44th Alabama: Col William F. Perry
    47th Alabama: Maj James M. Campbell
    48th Alabama: Lt Col William M. Hardwick

Benning's Brigade
            Brig Gen Henry L. Benning
    2nd Georgia: Lt Col William S. Shepherd, Maj W. W. Charlton
    15th Georgia: Col Dudley M. Du Bose, Maj P. J. Shannon
    17th Georgia: Lt Col Charles W. Matthews
    20th Georgia: Col J. D. Waddell

Reserve Artillery

Robertson's Battalion
            Maj Felix H. Robertson
    Lumsden's (Alabama) Battery: Capt Charles L. Lumsden
    Havis' (Georgia) Battery: Capt Minor W. Havis
    Massenburg's (Georgia) Battery: Capt T. L. Massenburg
    Le Gardeur's (Louisiana) Battery: Capt G. Le Gardeur, Jr.
    Barret's (Missouri) Battery: Capt Overton W. Barret

Wheeler's Cavalry Corps
Maj Gen Joseph Wheeler

Wharton's Division
     Brig Gen John A. Wharton

            1st Brigade
            Col Charles C. Crews
    Malone's (Alabama) Regiment: Col J. C. Malone, Jr.
    2nd Georgia: Lt Col F. M. Ison
    3rd Georgia: Col R. Thompson
    4th Georgia: Col Isaac W. Avery

2nd Brigade
            Col Thomas Harrison
    3rd Confederate: Col W. N. Estes
    3rd Kentucky: Lt Col J. W. Griffith
    4th Tennessee: Lt Col Paul F. Anderson
    8th Texas: Lt Col Gustave Cook
    11th Texas: Col G. R. Reeves
    White's (Tennessee) Battery: Capt B. F. White, Jr.

Martin's Division
     Brig Gen William T. Martin

            1st Brigade
            Col John T. Morgan
    1st Alabama: Lt Col D. T. Blakey
    3rd Alabama: Lt Col T. H. Mauldin
    51st Alabama: Lt Col M. L. Kirkpatrick
    8th Confederate: Lt Col John S. Prather

2nd Brigade
            Col Alfred A. Russell
    4th Alabama (Russell's Regiment): Lt Col J. M. Hambrick
    1st Confederate: Capt C. H. Conner
    Wiggins' (Arkansas) Battery: Lt J.P. Bryant

Forrest's Cavalry Corps
Brig Gen Nathan B. Forrest

    Jackson's Company, Tennessee Cavalry: Capt J. C. Jackson (Corps headquarter)

Armstrong's Division
     Brig Gen Frank C. Armstrong

            Armstrong's Brigade
            Col James T. Wheeler
    3rd Arkansas: Col A. W. Hobson
    2nd Kentucky: Lt Col Thomas G. Woodward
    6th Tennessee: Lt Col James H. Lewis
    18th Tennessee Battalion: Maj Charles McDonald

Forrest's Brigade
            Col George G. Dibrell
    4th Tennessee: Col. William S. McLemore
    8th Tennessee: Capt Hamilton McGinnis
    9th Tennessee: Col Jacob B. Biffle
    10th Tennessee: Col Nicholas Nickleby Cox
    11th Tennessee: Col Daniel Wilson Holman
    Shaw's Battalion, O. P. Hamilton's Battalion, and R. D. Allison's Squadron (consolidated): Maj Joseph Shaw
    Huggins' (Tennessee) Battery: Capt A. L. Huggins
    Morton's (Tennessee) Battery: Capt John W. Morton, Jr.

Pegram's Division
    Brig Gen John Pegram

            Davidson's Brigade
            Brig Gen Henry B. Davidson
    1st Georgia: Col J. J. Morrison
    6th Georgia: Col John R. Hart
    6th North Carolina: Col George N. Folk
    Rucker's Tennessee Legion: Col E. W. Rucker (12th Tennessee Battalion: Maj G. W. Day, and 16th Tennessee Battalion: Capt John Q. Arnold)
    10th Confederate: Col C. T. Goode (detached from Scott's Brigade)
    Huwald's (Tennessee) Battery: Capt Gustave A. Huwald

Scott's Brigade
            Col John S. Scott
    Detachment of John H. Morgan's command: Lt Col R. M. Martin
    1st Louisiana: Lt Col James O. Nixon
    2nd Tennessee: Col Henry M. Ashby
    5th Tennessee: Col George W. McKenzie
    Robinson's (Louisiana) Battery (one section): Lt Winslow Robinson