Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 11, 1864

January 11, 1864

---The Richmond Daily Dispatch prints an editorial about the farmers of Virginia who have been complaining about the cut rates the Army pays for the food they buy:

The Farmers and the army.

The duty of supplying the army at liberal rates is one which it might be as well for the farmers of Virginia to consider from that fascinating point of view, their own interest. The question for them to decide is whether they will dispense liberally of their products to the defenders of their possessions, or whether they shall be overrun and laid waste, their estates destroyed, and their houses burned down over their heads by the advance of Meade’s army, which will follow the falling back of Lee, a calamity that the failure of the farmers to respond liberally to the calls of their country may render inevitable. If the farmers of Virginia prefer the condition of the people of Culpeper, Norfolk, and New Orleans, to their present state, they have only to keep fast their grip on their corn and wheat, and their desires can be gratified.

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