Tuesday, November 12, 2013

October 7, 1863

October 7, 1863

---In the morning, Gen. Crook pushes his pursuit of the Rebel cavalry, passes through Shelbyville, and badly mauls Davidson’s brigade, pushing it back, in a confusing, running fight.  Crook loses fewer than 75 men, while inflicting 310 Southern casualties.  However, Crook is furious that his remaining brigade, under Minty, fails to come up on the Rebel flank, thus spoiling Crook’s opportunity to trap much of Wheeler’s force.  The Confederates head south for the Tennessee River.

---Pres. Lincoln sends a telegram to Andrew Johnson, the Military Governor of Tennessee, asking for information about Rosecrans:

Washington, D. C., October 7, 1863-8.45 a.m.

Governor JOHNSON,

Nashville, Tenn.:

What news have you from Rosecran’s army, or in that direction beyond Nashville?


Gov. Johnson responds that he has no news from Chattanooga, but the telegraph line is almost back in business---and that Chattanooga “must be held.”

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