Tuesday, November 19, 2013

October 17, 1863

October 17, 1863

---President Lincoln, on this date, calls for another 300,000 volunteers, in anticipation of the impending expiration of the term of service for most of the Army’s volunteers, in the coming months.

---Cavalry skirmishes spring up all over northern Virginia.  Farther south, Buford’s division is still south of the Rapidan River, clashing with Rebel units, as they withdraw back to the north side of the river, Stuart’s gray troopers right behind them.  Kilpatrick’s troopers help to cover Buford’s withdrawal back to Brandy Station, and then north across the Rappahannock.

---On the Hillsborough River, Florida, the gunboats USS Tahoma and USS Adela attack the Confederate Navy vessels Scottish Chief and Kate Dale, and destroy them.

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