Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 7, 1863

November 7, 1863

---Celebrations break out all over the army camps as Union soldiers learn that the cause of the Union has triumphed in the elections.  The Republicans now have won the state of New York.

---Battle of Rappahannock Station:  Troops from the Army of the Potomac strike suddenly at the river crossings at Rappahannock Station, Virginia.  Meade divides his army into two columns, which are to converge on Rappahannock Station and Brandy Station.  As the Federals finish a ten-mile march in the morning, they surprise a division under Harry Hays still on the north side of the river, Hays is hard-pressed to keep his position.  As dusk settles, the assaults are renewed.  As the Yankees capture the bridge at one crossing, the remaining 1,300 Rebel troops surrender.  

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