Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 6, 1863

November 6, 1863

---Battle of Droop Mountain, West Virginia:  Two Federal, under Gen. Alfred Duffie (1,700) and Gen. William Averell (5,000), close in on two sides of Confederate forces under Brig. Gen. John Echols, with 1,700 men, near Lewisburg.  Averell’s men encounter William “Mudwall” Jackson, with his Rebel troops, and drive them in a running 20-mile fight. “Mudwall” selects Droop Mountain to make a stand, and send word back to Echols, who marches his brigade (under Col. George Patton), also mostly West Virginians, up to Droop Mountain just in time for the Federal attack on Jackson’s position.  Averell deploys his artillery as Pennsylvania troops and dismounted West Virginians advance over rough ground.  As the assault sweeps up the mountain, the Rebel lines break, and flee down the mountainside.  Union Victory. 

Losses:   U.S.  140               C.S.  255

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