Saturday, October 26, 2013

October 3, 1863

October 3, 1863

---After fighting an illness for some time, Willy Sherman, Gen. Sherman’s favorite son, dies of swamp fevers at Vicksburg.  Sherman still expedites the movement of his troops by rail, by river, and by foot towards Corinth, Mississippi. 

---Wheeler’s second column, under Gen. Henry Davidson, rides toward McMinnville, which is garrisoned by the 4th Tennessee (U.S.), under Maj. Michael Patterson---about 400 men.  After several attacks, Davidson demands Patterson’s surrender.  Afterwards, the 4th Tennessee are subject to “brutal outrages,” the taking of their personal property, coats, and boots.

---Col. James Chestnut, a personal representative from Pres. Davis, arrives at Bragg’s Missionary Ridge headquarters to investigate the bad blood amongst Bragg and his officers.  Chestnut talks with Gen. Polk and Gen. Longstreet on this date.  

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