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September 30, 1863

September 30, 1863

---Chickamauga Campaign:  Trouble between commanders and their generals are not limited to the hapless Army of the Cumberland, but also in their opponents, the C.S. Army of Tennessee.  Gen. Bragg, dissatisfied with the way some of his subordinates conducted the Battle of Chickamauga, demands explanations from Lt. Gen. Leonidas Polk and Maj. Gen. Thomas Hindman---but the government in Richmond reminds him that he cannot remove general officers from command, but only arrest them.  Pres. Davis hopes that will resolve the quarreling---but is shocked then Gen. Bragg does, in fact, the unthinkable: he prefers charges against both generals.  Ironically enough, Gen. James Longstreet (on loan from the Army of Northern Virginia) heads up a small group (himself, D.H. Hill, Simon B. Buckner, Leonidas Polk) of general officers who petition to Richmond for Bragg to be relieved and Lee sent west to deal with the Union forces there.  Trouble with dissatisfied officers and his inability to confide in them will plague Bragg through the entire coming campaign. 

---Brig. Gen. George Crook reports a massive incursion of Rebel cavalry at several points on the Tennessee River, both below and above his position, near Smith’s Cross Roads.  Crook’s men fight the dismounted Southern troopers for about an hour, and then withdraws farther west.  

Wheeler's Raid

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