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September 25, 1863

September 25, 1863

---On this date, President Lincoln sends a dispatch to Gen. Rosecrans advising him that two corps (the XI under Howard and the XII under Slocum) are being sent from the Army of the Potomac to Chattanooga, under the joint command of recalled Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker---a little more thn 15,000 men.  Notice the comical note that Lincoln expects Rosecrans to do something about the near blood-feud between Hooker and Slocum:

September 25, 1863.


We are sending you two small corps, one under General Howard and one under General Slocum, and the whole under General Hooker.

Unfortunately the relations between Generals Hooker and Slocum are not such as to promise good, if their present relative positions remain. Therefore, let me beg--almost enjoin upon you--that on their reaching you, you will make a transposition by which General Slocum with his Corps, may pass from under the command of General Hooker, and General Hooker, in turn receive some other equal force. It is important for this to be done, though we could not well arrange it here. Please do it.

Yours very truly,


Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker, USA

---As a result of these orders, Maj. Gen. Henry Slocum attempts to resign his commission.  He writes to Pres. Lincoln, reminding him that “my opinion of General Hooker both as an officer and a gentleman is too well known to make it necessary for me to refer to it in this communication” and that it should be clear that “the public service cannot be promoted by placing under his command an officer who has so little confidence in his ability as I have.”  He would consider it “degrading” to accept command under Hooker.  But Lincoln does not accept Slocum’s resignation, and promises to keep him and Hooker from having to work together.

Maj. Gen. Henry Slocum, USA

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