Tuesday, October 22, 2013

September 29, 1863

September 29, 1863

---By this point in time, Bragg has decided upon a siege of Chattanooga, by default, knowing how low Rosecrans’ men are in rations.  His troops begin to install gun positions on Missionary Ridge and Lookout Mountain, overlooking the city of Chattanooga.

---Gen. Halleck sends a dispatch to Gen. Grant, directing him to send troops from the Army of the Tennessee to help Rosecrans---and that he should put a good officer in command of those troops (either Sherman or McPherson), and that Grant should himself go to Tennessee to personally see that things run smoothly. 

---Captain George Lewis, of the 124th Ohio Infantry Regiment, writes in his memoirs of this time in Chattanooga:

Never in the history of the Army of the Cumberland had the spirit of its officers and men been more depressed. The battle of Chickamauga had not only been fought and lost, but we also lost what was more than losing the battle. We had lost confidence in our commander.

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