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March 28, 1863

March 28, 1863
---In the sporadic Yazoo River Campaign---the attempt by the Federal Navy to find a back-door route to Vicksburg---Gen. Isaac Quinby arrives with infantry reinforcements and, as now the ranking officer, believes that there is a chance yet to make progress against Fort Pemberton.  But after puzzling over the various roadblocks to each plan, Quinby is finally absolved of the necessity by orders from Grant:  The troops sent down the Tallahatchie and Yazoo are ordered to return.  The Yazoo idea is officially on hold.
---William H. Proffitt, a soldier n the 1st North Carolina Infantry Regiment serving in Virginia, writes a melancholy letter home to his family about his brother’s death:
Camp of the 1st NCT

March 28th 1863

Dear Father, Mother, and Sister:

I drop you a few lines to give you the Sad news that brother Calvin is dead. He died about day break on the morning of the 25th inst. I suppose that the brain was affected which was the principle cause of his death. It is, indeed, an appauling thought to think of the death of one so dear, but sad as it is, we have some consolation to know that he remained usually pious while surrounded with all the vice and immorality of the camp, and instead of participating in this, devoted much of time in reading Scripture. Some of his companions expressed the thought that he was prepared to meet his God in peace. We have another consolation that he had won the confidence and esteem of his officers and fellow soldiers, and that every possible means was applied in burying him decently. A good coffin, clean clothes, etc. were provided. Sad as the thought is, it is no worse than thousands have endured since the commencement of this unholy war. I hope you will all try to refrain as much as possible from unnecessary grief, as it is a thing of no avail.

---The steamer Sam Gaty is stopped on the Missouri River in Jackson County near Sibley, Missouri by 12 Rebel bushwhackers, who rob the passengers of valuables and murder 2 Union soldiers and 9 negroes.  The steamer is allowed to proceed after the raid.

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