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April 20, 1863

April 20, 1863

---Grierson’s Raid – On this date, 175 men who were ill or otherwise unfit to keep up the pace of the brigade were detailed out and sent back to La Grange, Tennessee. The riders in blue continued southward, however, leaving the Rebels confused as to whether they were retreating or advancing. Grierson takes the two Illinois regiments southward, and sends Col. Hatch with the 2nd Iowa on a parallel road to the east, in order to destroy the Mobile and Ohio Railroad at West Point, Mississippi.

Grierson's Raid

---Part of Gen. Banks’ Army of the Gulf is advancing along Bayou Teche, and there is fighting around Brashear City.

---Private Edwin Eldridge Mason, a new recruit in the new 12th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment, writes home:
Soldiers Retreat, Harrisburg, April 20, 1863
Dear Sister, This morning I received my uniform and my $29.
I bot 1 gold pen and pencil.                    $2.75
Inkbottle                                                         .25
3 oranges                                                        .10
1 Bible                                                             .85
1 knife                                                             .80
9 boxes Nycos [?] Pills                              2.00
Portfolio                                                         .50
1 quire paper                                                 .45
Pack envelopes                                             .12
Lead pencil                                                    .05
1 qt Brandy                                                    .75
Lint                                                               3.60
The gold pen I sent to Harmon & pills. Tonight at 3 o’clock I start for Washington. I am well tonight as usual and hope you are the same. I can’t get my likeness taken yet. I don’t know when I can. If you write to me direct to
Edwin E. Mason
Co. B, 12th Pa. Cav.
Winchester, Va.
O I sold my clothes for I had to go away at 3 tonight, and I couldn’t get into the Express office at night before I went away. I spoilt my coat and vest here and couldn’t get only $1 for the whole.

         Your affectionate Brother

        Edwin E. Mason

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