Monday, April 22, 2013

April 21, 1863

April 21, 1863

---Grierson’s Raid – This afternoon, Hatch’s raiders reach the town of Palo Alto, and find a Confederate force there, the 2nd Tennessee Cavalry, under command of Lt. Col. C.R. Barteau, who drives Hatch back north to Okolona and Tupelo---but the Iowans destroy track as they go. Hatch has drawn away all Southern threat to Grierson’s rear, Grierson, with the two Illinois regiments, dashes southward, captures Starkville and burns a considerable stockpile of Confederate stores there. He detaches a battalion to Bankston, who find a vast store of leather goods---saddles, shoes, and other vital military goods---and destroys that.

—Admiral Porter attempts another run past the Vicksburg defenses, and succeeds at bringing over 20 transport vessels through.

—Pres. Lincoln signs a proclamation admitting West Virginia as the 35th State in the Union, effective June 20, 1863.

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