Thursday, April 4, 2013

March 27, 1863

March 27, 1863
---President Jefferson Davis of the Confederate States calls for yet another day of fasting and prayer for the Southern cause on this date.

---At the Bayth Ahabah Synagogue of Richmond, Virginia, the Rabbi M.J. Michelbacher delivers a sermon refuting the spurious charges that the Jews in the South are not supporting the Confederate cause:

BRETHREN OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL: It is due to you, to whom I always speak of your faults, without fear, favour or affection, to say, I have carefully investigated your conduct from the commencement of this war to the present time, and I am happy in coming to the unbiassed conclusion, that you have fulfilled your duties as good citizens and as men, who love their country. It has been charged by both the ignorant and the evil-disposed against the people of our faith, that the Israelite does not fight in the battles of his country! All history attests the untruthfulness of this ungracious charge, generated in the cowardly hearts and born between the hypocritical lips of ungenerous and prejudiced foes. . . . In respect to those Israelites who are now in the army of the Confederate States, I will merely say, that their patriotism and valor have never been doubted by such men as have the magnanimous souls of Lee, Johnston, Jackson and others of like manhood. . . .

---Pres. Lincoln meets with a delegation of chiefs from the Southern Plains nations -- Cheyenne, Kiowa, Arapahoe, Caddo, Comanche, Apache – to talk peace.  Lincoln talks with them, and sends them away with promises of peace.
---Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside is given command of the Dept. of Ohio and Kentucky, which includes Eastern Tennessee and its many pockets of Union sympathy and loyalty.

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