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April 29, 1863

April 29, 1863

Grierson’s Raid: The Yankee raiders find that two columns of Confederate cavalry are converging upon them—Col. Wirt Adams, and Col. R.V. Richardson riding toward Brookhaven. Grierson decides that it is time to head south toward Baton Rouge rather than Grand Gulf.

Fredericksburg, Virginia: This morning, the Union troops of Gen Joyhn Reynolds’ I Corps crosses the Rappahannock south of the city on two pontoon bridges. He deploys his lines for battle, and Gen. Stonewall Jackson rides to Gen. Lee’s HQ to ask for orders. Lee then receives word that Oliver O. Howard his XI Corps of Yankees has crossed the Rappahannock, and is marching south toward the Rapidan River. What Lee does not know is that Slocum’s XII Corps is also crossing the Rappahannock, as is Meade’s V Corps. Couch’s II Corps is near the U.S. and Banks fords, preparing to cross. JEB Stuart and two brigades of gray troopers are west of Howard, at Culpeper Court House, and he only has news about Howard. By 3:30, the Federals are crossing the Rapidan at Germanna ford. Lee sends word to his troops to begin moving west toward these river crossings.

Battle of Grand Gulf, Mississippi – Gen. Grant sends Admiral Porter with eight gunboats to try the Rebel defenses, along with 10,000 of McClernand’s men on transports, prepared to land. They open fire at 8:00; AM. After some success, however, the naval force is unable to subdue the Southern fortifications there. The USS Benton is badly damaged, and so the flotilla withdraws to the west bank of the river again. The Navy suffers 18 dead and 56 wounded. Confederate Victory.

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