Saturday, October 6, 2012

October 5, 1862

October 5, 1862:  Gen. Braxton Bragg is in Frankfort, Kentucky, installing a new governor, pro-Confederate, while his 17,000 men are at Bardstown under the command of Gen. Polk.  Kirby-Smith is in Lexington with 22,000.  On the Yankee side, Gen. Don Carlos Buell has over 80,000 Federals at Louisville.  Buell suddenly moves, unexpectedly, sending about 19,000 men toward Frankfort as a feint, and the main body of his army heads towards Bardstown.  Polk decides to move out of Bardstown and head east.  As Bragg has Gov. Richard Hawes sworn in as provisional governor, Federal troops appear on the banks of the Kentucky River, moving toward the capital.  Hawes moves his new government out of Frankfort and towards the east, and Bragg starts hunting for the Union position.


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