Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 16, 1862

October 16, 1862:  At Gainesville, Texas, Confederate authorities have been sweeping the region northeast of Dallas for two weeks, arresting nearly 200 men of anti-slavery and anti-secession sentiments for failure to report for the military draft.  On October 13, seven leaders of the Union League are condemned to death by a hastily-assembled military tribunal and hanged.  But an irate mob seizes 14 more and hangs them.  Troops from the 11th Texas Cavalry round up more civilians, and another 19 are hanged.  Five more are hanged soon after. 
The Great Hanging, Gainesville, Texas, Oct. 1862

---Near Lexington, Kentucky, a force of 3,000 Rebel cavalry and six cannon under Brig. Gen. John Hunt Morgan overtake and attack 350 Federal cavalry of the 3rd Ohio Cavalry, and put them to rout.

---Brig. Gen. Winfield S. Hancock, of the Army of the Potomac, pushes his troops forward in a reconnaissance toward the town of Charles Town, Virginia.  After a hot exchange of artillery fire, the Confederates abandon the town and Hancock takes possession.


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