Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 24, 1862

October 24, 1862: After chasing Braxton Bragg and his army ineffectively throughout the late summer and early Fall, Maj. Gen. Don Carlos Buell is relieved of command over the Army of the Ohio, with William Stark Rosecrans named as his successor—in spite of Rosecrans’ lackluster performance in the campaigning in northern Mississippi and at the Battle of Corinth. The name of the army and department is changed to the Army of the Cumberland. Gen. Halleck orders Rosecrans to drive the enemy out of Kentucky and Middle Tennessee, to take and hold East Tennessee, and to cut the rail links between Virginia and Tennessee (and the deep South). Halleck specifies: "I need not urge upon you the necessity of giving active employment to your forces. Neither the country nor the Government will much longer put up with the inactivity of some of our armies and generals." Rosecrans sets out with these orders for Buell’s HQ. Buell will not learn is his dismissal for another five days.

—Sarah Morgan, now back in Baton Rouge, writes in her journal of her youngest brother, who serves in the Confederate Navy:
Friday, October 24th.
A letter from Jimmy, the first we have received since New Orleans fell. It was dated the 10th inst., and he spoke of being on the eve of running the blockade, and going to Liverpool "to represent our unfortunate navy," as he says, though I am at loss to imagine what he can mean. He speaks of a kind friend, a Mr. George Trenholm, whose kindness has been perfectly extraordinary. He has befriended him in every way.
—Laura M. Towne, in the South Carolina Sea Islands to teach school to former slaves, tells of a Rebel attempt to storm the island and re-capture the negroes:
[Diary] October 24.
Three boats full of rebels attempted to land on these islands last night, two at the village and one at Edding’s Point. The negroes with their guns were on picket; they gave the alarm, fired and drove the rebels off. "That tells for us," Mr. Soule says; that is, for those who have urged arming the negroes.

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