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September 5, 1863

September 5, 1863

---In Great Britain, the Laird shipyards in Liverpool are building two ironclad warships ostensibly for Egypt, but which are suspected of being made for the Confederate Navy.  On this date, Lord Russell, Foreign Secretary, issues order to prevent the Laird ironclads from being delivered, until there is further investigation.

---Jenkin Lloyd Jones, of the 6th Battery of Wisconsin artillery in the Federal army near Vicksburg, notes in his journal, after a long illness, that he is feeling better: 

Vicksburg, Saturday, Sept. 5. Fine day. Health very good. Feel first rate today. We have fine times of it. We bought lots of potatoes and onions with butter, sauce, etc. and we live good for soldiers. Headquarters serenaded in the evening by 3rd Brigade band—Avery leader.

---John Beauchamp Jones, of the Confederate War Department, worried in his journal over the possibilities that thje Army of Northern Virginia may be sent west to help redeem Southern fortunes there:

SEPTEMBER 5TH.—It is believed that Lee, with a large portion of his army, will proceed immediately to Tennessee against Rosecrans; and it is ascertained that Meade is sending reinforcements thither. But I fear for Virginia when Lee is away! Meade must have a large army left behind, else he would not send reinforcements to Rosecrans. This move will excite the fear of the extortionate farmers, at all events, and make them willing to sell their surplus produce. But if Richmond should fall, and the State be overrun, it is possible it would secede from the Confederacy, which would be a virtual dissolution of it.

---Near White Stone Hill, in the Dakota Territory, hostile Indians clash with troops from the 2nd Nebraska Infantry.

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