Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 12, 1863

September 12, 1863

—Gen. Rosecrans begins to wax wary, sending orders to Gen. Granger, in command of his reserves, to move forward and reinforce the Union center. At this point, Rosecrans apparently has little idea where the Rebels are:

HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF THE CUMBERLAND,Chattanooga, September 12, 1863-11.45 a. m.

Major-General GRANGER,
Bridgeport, Ala.:

The enemy has concentrated in vicinity of La Fayette and attacked one of General Thomas’ columns yesterday, between Dug and Stevens’ Gaps, with superior force. We are concentrating the army to support General Thomas and fight a general battle. Send an order to General Ling to hasten his march and join General Thomas at the earliest possible moment by way of Stevens’ Gap. Come to this place immediately with Steedman’s division. Move in light marching order by the shortest route, and direct your trains to follow. If all reports are true, we have not a moment to lose. The Shellmound brigade (McCook’s) should move at once.

Brigadier-General, Chief of Staff.

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