Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 2, 1863

September 2, 1863

---Troops under Burnside’s command occupy Kingston, Tennessee, near the Virginia state line.

---Louis Leon writes in his journal:

September 2—On a hunt to-day several of my comrades with myself came to a house, and the first thing we heard was, “Is there a Jew in your detachment that caught a deserter yesterday?” They would like to see him, etc. At last one of the boys told them that I was the Jew. After that I had a very good time there, and in fact wherever I went I was received very kindly, and was very sorry to see on the 4th that orders came for us to return to our brigade.

---George Templeton Strong writes in his journal with some skepticism about the jubilant tone of the Northern newspapers assuming that the Rebellion was on its last legs:

Newspapers gabble about the “backbone of the Rebellion” being “broken at last” is abundant and nauseating.  I dread premature, insolent jubilations as a tempting of Providence.  We have gained most important results since the first of July, of course, and God be praised for them, but the Herald and other journals talk in a strain that would be reasonable if we had taken Charlestown, Mobile, and Wilmington, dispersed Lee’s army, and occupied Texas, and if Jefferson Davis and one hundred of his chief rajahs had been severally committed to await the action of the grand jury.

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