Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb. 26, 1862

Feb. 26, 1862: Engineers and troops from the 3rd Wisconsin Inf. work to get boats in place at Harper’s Ferry for a pontoon bridge. As a series of pontoons and river barges are secured into place, planks are laid across to form a surface for crossing the bridge. As they conplete the bridge, and "short officer" appears on the bridge: Gen. McClellan, who had arrived in time to be the first across the bridge. Then, he ordered tow brigades to follow him and, as a brass band played, he welcomed them to Harper’s Ferry, which is finally in Federal hands.

—Gen. Sibley and his 2,500 Texas mounted troops march upriver again, leaving Col. Canby and his Union troops in Ft. Craig behind them. The Texans fire a few shells into the town of Socorro, New Mexico, which surrenders. The Rebels find a large haul of provisions there.

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