Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb. 25, 1862

Feb. 25, 1862: Still stalled on the north bank of the Cumberland, Gen. Buell is visited by the mayor of Nashville, who officially surrenders the city to the Union Army. Jacob Ammen, whose brigade has already occupied the city, sets the guard and provost posts.

Rev. Overton Bernard, a Methodist minister in Edenton, North Carolina, writes in his journal about the fall of Ft. Donelson and vice in the army:

Genls Pillow and Floyd succeeded in cuting their way through the ranks of the enemy and got safe to Nashville with several thousand of their command– That place must fall into the hands of the enemy as it is not well defended. Lord look in mercy upon us in these sad reverses, brought about by our own negligence, and permitted as I fear as a punishment for our national and individual sins. Drunkenness and profanity seem to run to an awful extent in Army, Navy, and some high quarters.

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