Tuesday, June 17, 2014

May 27, 1864

May 27, 1864


---The Army of the Potomac moves swiftly south to the crossings over the Pamunkey near Hanovertown.  Sheridan’s cavalry arrive first, and pontoon bridges are laid down over the Pamunkey River is short order.  They occupy Hanovertown on the south bank, and later in the day, the infantry formation of the Army of the Potomac file across the bridges. 


---In Cleveland, the Radical Republicans, those opposed to Lincoln, begin a convention to nominate another team to oppose Lincoln for the elections.  The convention decides to label this movement The Radical Democracy.


---Atlanta Campaign: Battle of Picketts Mill – Sherman orders Gen. Thomas of the Army of the Cumberland to send Gen. Oliver O. Howard’s IV Corps forward to strike the Rebels at the right flank of their line at Pickett’s Mill.  Brig. Gen. William B. Hazen’s brigade bears the brunt of the attack, as they sweep forward to find that the position is already strongly fortified.  Also, the promised reinforcements do not show, and 1,500 Federals are shot down in a very short amount of time.  Many officers blame Howard for poor planning.  Confederate Victory.

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