Tuesday, June 17, 2014

May 26, 1864

May 26, 1864


Battle of the North Anna River


May 23-26, 1864


Day 4:  Seeing that there are no opportunities to turn Lee’s line, Gen. Grant decides to keep up the skirmishing, and then move his army by night to the east and south, around Lee’s right flank.  To deceive the enemy, Grant sends Brig. Gen. James Wilson and his cavalry off heading straight west, to make Lee think that the flanking movement will be in the opposite direction.  Wilson destroys large portions of the Virginia Central railroad, and key supply link for Richmond, but fails to draw Lee after him.  After dark, the units of the Army of the Potomac begin to pull out of line, and head east and south to the crossings over the Pamunkey River near Hanovertown.  Warren and Wright pull out first, while Hancock and Burnside hold.  Confederate Victory.



Union                 2,623

Confederate    1,552


---Battle of New Hope Church, Georgia (cont.):  The fighting along Johnston’s hastily-constructed line continues, but degrades into mere skirmishing as the Federals begin to entrench to protect their own lines.

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