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May 25, 1864

May 25, 1864


Battle of the North Anna River

May 23-26, 1864


Day 3:  Gen. Gouverneur K. Warren pushes his V Corps into line to test A.P. Hill’s Third Corps lines, but finds them substantial, and chooses not to escalate his probing attacks.  Then, Gen. Wright brings up his VI Corps on Warren’s right, in order to try to flank the Confederate lines.  But Wright finds that Hill’s left is anchored on the Little River, and in order to flank him, the Federals need to cross it.  But the fords are heavily guarded by the Southern cavalry in force, and Wright can find no opportunities to cross.  The fighting on this day devolves into light skirmishing.


---Atlanta Campaign---Battle of New Hope Church:  Gen. Johnston’s Army of Tennessee halts at New Hope Church, forming a line with Hood in the center, Polk on the left, and Hardee on the right.  Gen. Hooker’s bluecoats (XX Corps) strike the Confederate line in the center, and loses heavily against well-positioned artillery and the Rebel infantry who have an unobstructed field of fire.  Hooker disengages and pull back.  Some Union soldiers describe it as some of the most intense musketry of the war.

Sherman tries to turn Johnston's left flank.

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