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April 24, 1864

April 24, 1864

---In Tennessee, due to the departure of Gen. Longstreet’s troops back to Virginia, Gen. John Schofield’s Army of the Ohio, 13,000 strong, is available; Schofield is directed to move his troops to Chattanooga and form on Thomas’s left flank.

---In a letter home to Mrs. Meade, Gen. Meade offers another description of the new General-in-Chief, Ulysses S. Grant:

Grant is not a striking man, is very reticent, has never mixed with the world, and has but little manner, indeed is somewhat ill at ease in the presence of strangers; His early education was undoubtedly very slight; in fact, I fancy his West Point course was pretty much all the education he ever had, as since his graduation I don’t believe he has read or studied any. At the same time, he has natural qualities of a high order, and is a man whom, the more you see and know him, the better you like him. He puts me in mind of old Taylor, and sometimes I fancy he models himself on old Zac.

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