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April 19, 1864

April 19, 1864


---Roanoke River, North Carolina:  Having been constructed at a makeshift shipyard in a cornfield, the CSS Albemarle, a new ironclad ram, is launched, steams down the Roanoke River, and carefully negotiates the obstructions in the river placed by the Yankees.  She is commanded by Capt. James W. Cooke.  The USS Miami and USS Southfield are lashed together to block access to the river, but the Albemarle rams the Southfield, and gets her ram prow stuck in the Southfield’s hull as it sinks. 
The Albemarle breaks free, however, as the Miami fires a shell which bounces off the Albemarle’s armor and lands back on the Miami and explodes, causing damage and casualties---including killing Captain Flusser, the Miami’s skipper.  The USS Miami escapes downriver.  The Albemarle follows, dropping down below Plymouth, cutting off the Union garrison from its line of supply. 
Cutaway model of the CSS Albemarle


The new Rebel ironclad carries two large-bore Brooke Rifles, cannons with good range.  Each gun pivots and can fire in a 180 degree radius, with the choice to fire out of any of three gunports each.

USS Miami

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