Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 15, 1864

April 15, 1864


---Gen. Steele, with his Yankee forces now safely in fortified Camden, Arkansas, is not cheered by Sherman’s repeated order that Steele should venture forth into Louisiana to take Shreveport.  But Steele answers in his own message, pointing out Marmaduke’s cavalry division that he has been sparring with, plus another cavalry division moving in from the west.  Had he known it, he could have named yet another 3 divisions of infantry headed his way from Shreveport under Kirby-Smith. 


Sherman decides, in spite of the unfinished business in the Red River Expedition, not to delay any longer, and he summarily orders Smith to leave Louisiana and go to Chattanooga.  However, Banks countermands that order, insisting that he cannot do without Smith’s divisions.


---Banks’ troops and the accompanying fleet arrive in Grand Ecore, Louisiana, closely pursued by the Confederate army.  They resume the retreat the next day toward Alexandria. 


---The USS Eastport, the heftiest ironclad in Porter’s Red River flotilla, strikes a river torpedo and sinks.  Operations begin immediately to raise the vessel. 

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