Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 3, 1864

March 3, 1864

---In preparation for a campaign up the Red River, in Louisiana and Texas, Maj. Gen. Nathaniel Banks sends a message to Gen. Steele, in Arkansas, to coordinates their movements:
I now have an efficient column prepared at Franklin, La., and intend to move on the 7th instant toward Alexandria, which point I expect to reach on the 17th instant, and to meet General Sherman’s column at that point at that date.

General Sherman will probably clear the Black River of the enemy on his way to Alexandria. He is much in favor of your adopting a direct line from Little Rock to Shreveport by Camden and Overton; but in that matter you will of course use your own judgment. Inclosed I send you a copy of my letter* of yesterday’s date to Major-General Sherman, to the requests of which he has given his assent. The force which I shall march from Franklin against Alexandria will be about 17,000 men, including at least 5,000 cavalry. Will you have the goodness, general, to inform me fully of your intentions by the return of the bearer of this letter?

Very respectfully, I am, general, your most obedient servant,


—President Lincoln receives from the Maine Legislature a resolution that Lincoln’s administration should continue, and be re-elected.

---Leverett Bradley, a Union soldier stationed in Washington, writes in his journal again about the plays in theaters, of which he is fond:
March 3rd. Have felt a little indisposed all day; but before dark summoned courage to visit the Grovers’ theatre. The play was “Othello.” I did not get very interested in the piece, doubtless on account of [Edwin] Booth not taking the part of Othello. It was sustained by all the actors.

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