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February 16, 1864

February 16, 1864

---David Lane, a young Union soldier in the 17th Michigan Infantry, writes in his journal about his gratitude for the Sanitary Commission:

February 16th, 1864. 

A dear old lady acquaintance of mine used to say, “Whenever you are downhearted and disposed to complain, just sit right down and count your mercies.” I have been counting my mercies today, and find I have many things to be thankful for. Instead of being half starved, I have now plenty of food, for Joseph Cooley, a particular friend of mine, is chief cook, and the Sanitary Commission furnishes “delicacies.” I am now well dressed, for Dr. Crosby, my friend, issues what the Sanitary Commission furnish—good clothing. I have a good bed, with two white sheets, for the Sanitary Commission issues bedding. I am clean, for I wash and change clothing often, and sleep alone. Last, but not least, I am in good health, because God has bestowed upon me this priceless boon.

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