Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 12, 1864

February 12, 1864

—Sherman’s troops enter Decatur, Mississippi today, and skirmishing at several locations along his front indicates that the Rebels are keeping close touch on the Federals, as well as feeling not quite strong enough to attack the columns in blue.

—John Beauchamp Jones, of the War Department in Richmond, writes of varied news items within the capital as well as news from the front:

FEBRUARY 12TH. —It is warm to-day, and cloudy; but there was ice early in the morning.

We have recaptured twenty-odd of the escaped prisoners.

A bill has passed Congress placing an embargo on many imported articles; and these articles are rising rapidly in price. Sugar sold to-day at auction in large quantity for $8.00 per pound; rice, 85 cents, etc.

There is a rumor that Gen. Finnegan has captured the enemy in Florida.

Gen. Lee says his army is rapidly re-enlisting for the war.

—Gen. George Pickett orders the hangings of five more men captures in Federal uniform who were Confederate deserters.

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