Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30, 1863

August 30, 1863

—Near Shoal Ford, on the Arkansas River, Col. Ritter and his brigade of Federal cavalry attempt to force the crossing, with the 5th Arkansas Cavalry, under Col. Robert Newton, resisting the crossing, in a skirmish that lasts several hours. Gen. Frederick Steele, commanding the Union forces, is still trying to find a satisfactory approach to Little Rock.

—More of Rosecrans’ Army of the Cumberland crosses the Tennessee River, in the face of little resistance.

—Shelling Fort Sumter resumes, as the Confederates try to dig their guns out of the rubble when they can.

—By this date, the 9th Kansas Cavalry regiment, under a Lt. Col. Clark, has killed forty of the guerillas under Quantrill who participated in the Lawrence Massacre, after chasing Quantrill’s men through three counties.

An unnamed Union soldier

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