Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 25, 1863

August 25, 1863

---Battle of Brownsville, Arkansas – West of Helena, Gen. Davidson’s 5,000 mounted Federals advance and clash with Gen. John Marmaduke’s 1,100 troopers at this place just east of Little Rock.  Marmaduke is defeated and driven off, but keeps Davidson at bay regardless.

---As a direct result of the Quantrill raid on Lawrence, Kansas, and directly in retaliation, Brig. Gen. Thomas Ewing, Jr., Federal commander of the military district in western Missouri, issues the infamous General Order No. 11, which depopulates four counties in order to deprive the Rebel guerillas of sympathy, shelter, and supplies:

All persons living in Jackson, Cass, and Bates counties, Missouri, and in that part of Vernon included in this district, except those living within one mile of the limits of Independence, Hickman's Mills, Pleasant Hill, and Harrisonville, and except those in that part of Kaw Township, Jackson County, north of Brush Creek and west of Big Blue, are hereby ordered to remove from their present places of residence within fifteen days from the date hereof.

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