Monday, February 25, 2013

February 24, 1863

February 24, 1863

Lt. Commander George Brown, skipper of the USS Indianola, has taken his ironclad gunboat from the mouth of the Red River back upstream to the protection of Federal batteries, since it has become clear that a Rebel flotilla is descending the Red from their base at Alexandria, Louisiana and are pursuing the lone Yankee vessel.  The CSS Webb, along with the captured Queen of the West and two other gunboats, are making good speed to intercept the now-fleeing Indianola.  Brown manages get the Indianola to Grand Gulf, Mississippi by evening.  But soon the CSN flotilla appears, and after a sharp battle, the Indianola is taking on water.  Lt. Cmdr Brown surrenders the Indianola to the Rebels.

USS Indianola




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