Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sept. 10, 1861

Sept. 10, 1861: Battle of Carnifex Ferry, VA - Federal troops, mostly Ohio volunteer regiments, continue their incursion into Western Virginia. Brig. Gen. William Rosecrans takes three brigade south from Clarksburg and attacks Brig. Gen. John Floyd (the former U.S. Sec. of War, now a Confedederate general) at Carnifex Ferry. Stiff fighting during the afternoon produces a total of 250 casualties between the two forces. The battle stalls after darkness falls, But Gen. Floyd, considering the Yankees' superior numbers, as well as the carnage caused by their artillery, retreats during the night, blaming his defeat on Gen. Henry Wise, who did not bring his brigade to Floyd's aid.

Washington, DC - Mrs. Jessie Fremont, wife of Gen. John C. Fremont and his fiery advocate, comes to Washington to see President Lincoln. Mrs. Fremont, worried about her husband's reputation in Washington, has come to denounce her husband's detractors and insist on the President's support for the general and his questionable proclamations in Missouri, where Fremont commands. Fremont still has not retracted his proclamations, as instructed by the President. The interview, by some accounts, is not a calm one.

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