Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dec. 25, 1861 Christmas Day

Dec. 25, 1861, Christmas Day: A newspaper in Seneca County newspaper printed this portion of a letter from a Union soldier stationed at the Federal base in Beaufort, South Carolina:

"But to drop the subject of war, I must say that no country can surpass this. It is Christmas day and the roses are in full bloom, the weather is warm and May like. – This is something I before saw, and it contrasts strangely with what we usually experience in the Northern States about Christmas time. There are some beautiful residences in this vicinity, now almost entirely deserted. The greater part of the furniture remains unmolested, and is of the most exquisite design and finish. A piano adorns almost every residence, and the grounds about are well decorated by the orange tree. One is almost led to wonder how the inhabitants of this beautiful country could have been induced to absolve themselves from the Union, and to take up arms against a common country. But they have struck the fatal blow, and can only be regarded as rebels and traitors, and treated accordingly."

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