Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 23, 1863

March 23, 1863

---Yazoo Campaign – Gen. Isaac Quinby arrives from Helena, and turns around the retreat of the Navy and Gen. Ross’ troops.  Lt. Cmdr. Foster takes the De Kalb and Chillicothe downstream close to Fort Pemberton, and fires a few shots into the fort, but there is no response from the Rebels.

---Sergeant Alexander Downing of the 11th Iowa Infantry Regiment, serving with Grant’s army near Vicksburg, writes in his journal:

Monday, 23d—It rained nearly all day and our new camp has become very muddy. Today I read the two books of Chronicles in the Bible, sixty-five chapters in all. Our picket duty here is very light at present.

---John Beauchamp Jones does not see things getting any better in Richmond since yesterday, and so notes in his journal:
MARCH 23D.—The snow has nearly disappeared, and the roads are very bad. No food is brought to the market, and such as may be found in the city is held at famine prices.

I saw a letter to-day from Bishop Lay, in Arkansas. He says affairs in that State wear a dark and gloomy aspect. He thinks the State is lost.

Gen. Beauregard writes the Hon. Mr. Miles that he has not men enough, nor heavy guns enough, for the defense of Charleston. If this were generally known, thousands would despair, being convinced that those charged with the reins of power are incompetent, unequal to the crisis, and destined to conduct them to destruction rather than independence.


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