Friday, March 22, 2013

March 20, 1863

March 20, 1863

Yazoo Campaign: Being entirely unable to mount an effective attack or seige on Fort Pemberton, Brig. Gen. Ross is even more frustrated to learn that the Rebels appear to be making an attempt to cut off his retreat, farther north on the Tallahatchie River. His naval counterpart, Capt. Smith, has gone back to Helena, Arkansas, ill. Ross decides that the expedition is no longer viable—indeed, is in jeopardy, and orders a retreat. Gen. Wm. Loring, commander of Confederate troops in the area, sees the Yankee gunboats and transports head back upstream, and crows, in his report, "Enemy in full run, as fast as steam can carry him, and my men after him."

St. Andrew’s Bay: Near Panama City, Florida, the USS Roebuck lands a part of seamen in an attempt to "cut out" a blockade runner that had made it into port. But the sailors ran into an unusually strong home guard defense, and had to abandon the project, with 2 men dead and 7 wounded out of the 11 who landed. Ship’s records indicate that at least another 4 of the wounded died later.

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