Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 30, 1863

January 30, 1863:  Gen Ulysses S. Grant arrives at headquarters at Young’s Point, Louisiana, immediately jumping into the command of the force which will make assault Vicksburg.  Gen. McClernand is sidelined with his corp at Helena, Arkansas, according to the orders Grant issues. 
---The USS Isaac Smith is cruising the Stono River near Charleston when several concealed Confederate batteries open fire on her.  After an extended exchange of artillery fire, the ship is trapped in a crossfire at a bend in the river, her hull pierced and her boiler shot through, and is dead in the water.  She has 8 killed and 17 wounded, including her captain, Comm. Conover.  The Union vessel is compelled to surrender, and is repaired and made into the CSS Stono.

---As if anticipating her husband’s loneliness and wishes, the wife of  Capt. William Jefferson Halsey, a company commander in the 11th New Jersey Infantry, sends a box that arrives the day after he send his plaintive letter.  He writes her back right away:

. . . I want to thank you for the very acceptable present you sent me in the way of socks, cake & tobacco.  The pipe from Mrs. Thompsons I am now using and it is a very nice one.  The cake I gave Charlie a piece of and last night Misters Berry, Stanislo Monise and E. Sturdevant finished it and they all pronounced it good.  The tobacco is the right kind. 

I am getting along finely now.  I have taken in three partners in my mess and Sam cooks for us, which makes it very pleasant.  They are all nice men and we can manage to love better where there is so many than to live separately, and it will be much cheaper for me. . . . I would like to have some things that your own dear hands had made. . . . I am glad you are keeping an account of your expenses.  It will learn you about doing business. . . .


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