Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 26, 1862

November 26, 1862:  On this date, Lt. Gen. Stonewall Jackson is marching his 38,000 men towards Fredericksburg, mostly forsaking the Shenandoah Valley, and hurrying to Lee’s orders.  Lee by this time is convinced that Gen. Burnside and his Federals will try a frontal assault across the Rappahannock straight against the heights above Fredericksburg.  The Federals still do not yet have the pontoon boats needed to bridge the river, and Burnside is running out of ideas.  Pres. Lincoln is worried about Burnside’s delay and so yesterday wires Burnside and asks for a meeting off Aquia Creek on a steamer.  This evening, his steamer arrives, and the general rides to Aquia Creek to meet with the President.

---Near Cold Knob Mountain, Virginia, the 2nd Virginia Vol. Cavalry (U.S.), under command of Col. Paxton, ran into mounted Confederate troops and routed them. 

---The 7th Illinois Cavalry Regiment raid a Rebel cavalry camp near Summerville, Mississippi, taking a number of prisoners and equipment.

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