Tuesday, January 6, 2015

November 28, 1864

November 28, 1864

-- Franklin-Nashville Campaign:  Having pulled his supply trains and artillery north of the Duck River, Schofield is avoiding a major clash that he assumes will come from the south.  Meanwhile, ten miles west of Columbia, Hood prepares to cross northward with most of his army, thus flanking the Federals.  The only cavalry Schofield has is 4,300 riders under James Wilson, who is hard-pressed to hold off Forrest and his 10,000 gray troopers.  Wilson is pushed back toward Spring Hill, and is unable to cover Schofield’s flank as he should.

---Gen. Thomas Rosser, of the Confederate Cavalry, raids up into Maryland, destroying a B&O railroad bridge, and then retreats back down the Shenandoah Valley.

---George Templeton Strong writes in his diary of the latest news about Sherman’s March, which is beginning to attain notoriety up North:

Our news from Sherman through rebel channels indicates that he is marching on---ploughing a deep furrow many miles wide through Georgia and destroying a vital nerve-system of railroad; that he has passed by Macon, has harried Milledgeville [Georgia’s state capital], and is threatening Savannah. 

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