Friday, August 8, 2014

May 31, 1864

May 31, 1864

---In Cleveland, the new Radical Democracy party nominates Maj. Gen. John C. Fremont for President, and John Cochrane as his running mate.

---Prelude to Cold Harbor:  Grant sends troops towards Cold Harbor, to seize the vital crossroads there.  His plan involves moving in a flanking maneuver to the left, Wright’s VI Corps taking the lead, followed by Baldy Smith’s newly arrived XVIII Corps.  Cavalry from both sides still hold the lines near Old Cold Harbor, as the infantry comes up and takes firm possession of Beulah Church and the Old Cold Harbor crossroads.  Skirmishing along this line intensifies.

---Sherman puts troops on the road to re-gain his supply line on the railroad.  He assigns this move to Gen. Stoneman and his cavalry.  He desires also to gain Allatoona Pass itself.  Sherman orders McPherson to pull his Army of the Tennessee out of line and to move east.

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