Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 7, 1864

May 7, 1864

---Georgia:  Union troops from Gen. George Thomas’s Army of the Cumberland make contact with Confederate cavalry at Tunnel Hill, just outside of Dalton, Georgia.  The bluecoats eventually drive off the gray riders.  Thomas is now in position to strike at Johnston’s army.


---Virginia:  During this day, Grant’s army maneuvers, attempting to gain some advantage over Lee, and failing at that.  As Grant and his staff ride to the junction of the roads in the rear, Union soldiers watch, expecting him to turn left, going north, indicating another retreat back over the Rappahannock River.  But when Grant turns his horse to the right, and heads south, the watching troops break out in a cheer.  The Army of the Potomac is advancing.  Grant has broken the rules: instead of retreating after a defeat, he is advancing.


------Battle of Walthall Junction, Day 2:  This morning, Butler sends a large division of 8,000 men back to Walthall Junction, where they strike Hagood’s brigade and Bushrod Johnson’s brigades back, and the Yankees cut the railroad at the junction. 

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