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June 27, 1863

June 27, 1863

---Siege of Vicksburg, Day 36

---Siege of Port Hudson, Day 31

---New General of the Army of the Potomac.  Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker, commander of the Army of the Potomac, is convinced that Lee’s army outnumbers his---proving that many were susceptible to McClellan’s disease---and wishes to incorporate the 10,000 men at Harper’s Ferry under Gen. French into his forces.  After wiring Halleck on this topic, he waits until French receives a reply from Gen. Halleck, which tells French that he should not obey Hooker’s orders.  In a fit of pique, Hooker tenders his resignation, which Halleck and Pres. Lincoln accept with alacrity. 

SANDY HOOK, June 27, 1863-1 p. m.
(Received 3 p. m.)
Major General H. W. HALLECK,
    My original instructions require me to cover Harper's Ferry and Washington. I have now imposed upon me, in addition, an enemy in my front of more than my number. I beg to be understood, respectfully, but firmly, that I am unable to comply with this condition with the means at my disposal, and earnestly request that I may at once be relieved from the position I occupy.


Lincoln quickly gives the command to Gen. George G. Meade of Pennsylvania, effective immediately.

Maj. Gen. George Gordon Meade, USA
---Guerillas under Brig. Gen. John Imboden raid Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, taking supplies, horses, cattle, wagons, and household goods of all kinds, including a considerable coffle of negroes, whom the Confederates claim are runaways.  The raiders even have the cheek to offer to sell some of the goods back to the owners who had just been pilfered of said goods.  But the blacks were taken south into bondage, despite the fact that the townspeople could attest to many of them having been born and raised in Mercersburg and the surrounding area.

---Maj. Gen. John McClernand sends a letter to Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, soliciting his help in getting McClernand restored to command of his corps in Grant’s army.  McClernand, among other complaints, seems to feel that Grant had no authority to do so---that “General Grant has assumed power to relieve me from the command.”

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