Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29, 1863

May 29, 1863

---Siege of Vicksburg, Day 7
---Siege of Port Hudson, Day 2

---Because of embarrassment over the arrest of Clement Vallandigham, and the closing of newspapers critical of the Lincoln administration in the Department of the Ohio, Gen. Burnside offers to resign, in a letter to Pres. Lincoln.

---Gen. Joseph E. Johnston sends this letter to Gen. Pemberton in Vicksburg:

JACKSON, May 29, 1863.

 Lieutenant-General PEMBERTON:

 I am too weak to save Vicksburg. Can do no more than attempt to save you and your garrison. It will be impossible to extricate you, unless you co-operate, and we make mutually supporting movements.

 Communicate your plans and suggestions, if possible.

 J. E. Johnston.

---Near Thoroughfare Gap, a detachment of Stuart’s cavalry encounters a detachment of the 1st Vermont Cavalry, and a skirmish results in the retreat of the Rebels, and their loss of four men.

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