Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25, 1862

May 25, 1862:

First Battle of Winchester

Eastern Theater, Shenandoah Valley Campaign

Through morning fog, Confederate troops advance to feel out the Union lines. Jackson has Ewell with several brigades on the right, and his own division of mostly Virginia regiments on the left. The artillery of both sides engage in a duel for an hour, but the Union guns fall back closer to town. Ewell’s troops, consisting mostly of Trimble’s brigade of North Carolinians, Georgians, Marylanders, Mississippians, and Alabamans, move forward to strike Donelly’s New York, Pennsylvania, and Connnecticut troops. Jackson moves Ewell’s brigade of Louisianans, under Gen. Richard Taylor, around to the left, to strike the Union right flank. Led by Wheat’s Louisiana Tigers, Taylor hits the Federals on the flank. At the same time, Winder’s Stonewall Brigade advance and his the front of the Union line, and both flanks cave in. Feeling that they are nearly surrounded, the Northern troops panic, and all organization dissolves into confused mob. The Union troops flee the city in a rout, with no semblance of organization or order. Jackson tries to give pursuit, but his men are still entirely spent from the previous four days’ march and no rest, and Ashby’s cavalry is nowhere to be found to give pursuit. As the Yankees retreat in disorder northward, Jackson cannot pursue them very far, and thus misses his chance to completely destroy Banks’ force.

Louisiana Tiger Battalion charges
Confederate Victory.

U.S. 2,769
C.S. 400

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