Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 26, 1862

March 26, 1862:  Trans-Mississippi Theater, New Mexico Campaign – THE BATTLE OF APACHE PASS, New Mexico.   Early in the morning, Maj. Pyron’s Rebels are marching east through Apache Canyon toward the summit of the pass.  Maj. Chivington starts his Federals westward, and near the summit, his pickets find 30 Rebel skirmishers and capture them without a shot.  Pyron sees the Union force in the distance, and he throws out his men into line of battle and advances two mountain howtizers forward, firing shell and canister into the Union ranks.  Chivington sends some of his Coloradans around the Rebel flank (and capturing some), which makes Pyron pull his line back further.  Chivington sends 100 mounted men in a charge, which fails and returns.  Pyron falls back to his original camp at the mouth of the canyon; Chivington falls back even farther to Pecos to await the rest of Col. Slough’s Federals from Ft. Union.  The Union loses 5 killed, 15 wounded, and 5 missing.  The Confederates lose 4 killed, 6 wounded, and 70 captured, so far.

---In Missouri, pro-Union State Militia clash with Confederate troops near Hammondsville, and drive them off.  At Warrensburg, pro-Union irregulars confront another Confederate force and force them to retire.

---At Mace’s Hole, Colorado, near Pike’s Peak, U.S. Cavalry skirmish with a pro-Confederate Partisan Ranger “regiment” at their encampment, resulting in the capture of nearly 50 Rebels.

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